Get Connected

You have a place to claim in this movement for community-based green economy solutions. If you’re looking for ways to get connected, we can help you figure out the best fit.

Join an existing program: We have built community initiatives like the Summer of Solutions in cities and towns across the country. You can check out the work of existing Grand Aspirations teams to see if there is one near you that you could visit or join. Our Hubs are regional centers where you can get involved more deeply in year-round local projects and receive in-depth training as a solutionary leader.

Create a new local program: If there isn’t a program accessible to you, you can consider applying to create a new local program and begin creating solutions with your community.

Grand Aspirations is operated out of countless offices, living rooms, and community centers across the country. We don’t have an HQ or an Executive Director who runs the show, so if you want to build the movement, no matter where you are, you can check out our opportunities to contribute as a national team member or intern.

Finally, you can stay updated on new opportunities to work with the organization by following us on Twitter, friending us on Facebook and reading our blog, Solutionaries!