Anti-Oppression Team

Purpose: To help integrate the principles of anti-oppression into both the long-term goals and daily work of Grand Aspirations. The Anti-Oppression Team is different from other groups in that it involves a significant amount of self-focused work and group conversations about how Grand Aspirations can better foster social justice and inclusivity in its programs and operations.

Selection criteria: People with prior experience with the concepts of anti-oppression and social justice are preferred, but volunteers who are committed to learning and willing to help are welcome. Must be familiar and comfortable with remote phone and online work to coordinate with other team members. The team must be prepared to meet deadlines for curriculum development and be in good communication with other relevant teams. Time commitment will vary for individual roles, but will average out to 3-5 hours a week.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Build close relationships and trust among team members and with members of other teams whose work presents opportunities to integrate social justice principles.
  • Determine what barriers exist within the organization to becoming more inclusive (such as funding, lack of social justice-focused partnerships, or improved training curriculum for local leaders) and take steps to help the organization address those barriers.
  • Many other responsibilities will be determined by the group when it begins, in accordance with the principles of anti-oppression.

Roles on team: There are no specific roles set out for this team at this team. When the team launches in September, they will have the opportunity to identify specific roles each person may want to have.

Skills gained: This team offers a great opportunity for members to gain skills as an individual and for any local solutionary work they do. Members will be given the chance to consider their own position as a member of the organization and what they can do to integrate social justice further into their work.

Profile of an Anti-Oppression Team member: The Anti-Oppression Team will be a new team in 2013, so we do not have a profile of a current team member.

How to apply: Fill out an application using this online form: