Leadership Development Team

Purpose: To aid in the development of leadership skills of members throughout the organization. Identifies organizational learning objectives and develops responsive training curriculum that will be used in different contexts. Uses, and helps others teams use, evaluation methods to ensure that national, regional, and local members are growing as leaders. Supports different levels of the organization create their learning goals.

Selection criteria: People with prior experience in the role of trainer are preferred, but volunteers who are committed to learning and willing to help are welcome. Must be familiar and comfortable with remote phone and online work to coordinate with other team members. The team must be prepared to meet deadlines for curriculum development and be in good communication with other relevant teams. Time commitment will vary for individual roles, but will average out at about 5 hours a week.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Write and/or collect new templates for training sessions for online and in-person use.

  • Coordinate with the National Gatherings Team to design the training agenda and curriculum to be used at January Gatherings.

  • Create “training for trainers” materials that increase training abilities for members at several levels of the organization.

  • Developing and refining learning outcomes for all members of the organization, and supporting everyone to take action steps to meet those learning outcomes

  • Update the Solutionary Knowledge Bank and other relevant online information hubs that contain training resources and information about local programs.

  • Work with Program Support Team to use evaluation tools for local programs and analyze the results of evaluations.

Roles on team:

  • Training Editors: Create new content or edit old content in the GA Trainings Library.

  • Training Coaches: Help local program leaders (of SoS programs, Hubs, and Local Initiatives) to learn the skills needed to provide trainings.

  • Online Hub Librarian: Maintaining and solicit new and updated content for the Energy Action Coalition’s online green economy resource hub.

Skills gained: Extensive skills in careful writing and editing of curriculum to be used in intensive training scenarios. Familiarity with leadership development philosophies, gained both from readings and from the real-life experience of Grand Aspiration’s trainers. Ability to analyze organizations for leadership development potential and identify setbacks.

Profile person of a Leadership Development Team member: Check back soon to see information about a featured member of the team!

How to apply: Fill out an application using this online form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ouvQlP2T1Cn3QdkdBIRXUSRNqC7N2W-bxhzkyd6J_rQ/viewform