Grand Aspirations (GA) was founded to help young leaders create solutions to big-picture problems in their communities. Local economies, landscapes, and cultures have driven our work towards local solutions shaped by unique local realities. However, we also recognize that local efforts can benefit from cooperatively sharing resources and strategies. We are developing “Hubs” to spark the growth of community-based solutions in particular regions.

Hubs are regionally-active teams that connect and support local programs within GA’s network and enact solutionary work on a regional level. By linking local programs with each other and with regional and national resources, they can advance the creation of locally-relevant solutions in communities across the country.

Grand Aspirations currently has two Hubs:

Grand Aspirations has two types of programs that are often starting points for local solutionaries who are entering the program: Summer of Solutions and Local Initiatives. We see Hubs a possible next step for local teams who have completed a Summer of Solutions program or a Local Initiative and want to continue and expand their work in Grand Aspirations.

If you are interested in learning more about Hubs, contact