How To Apply

Individuals or teams wishing to propose a residency should submit a proposal at least one month in advance of their intended residency (teams seeking housing or to plan very long/ in-depth residencies are encouraged to submit a proposal 4-12 months in advance). While we have many opportunities (described in Curriculum), the guiding feature of how your residency looks is your goal. You define your objective, purpose, and desired learning outcomes for your residency, and we’ll work with you to build an experience that meets those goals. The basic process for proposing a residency is as follows:

  1. Submit an initial proposal (see guidelines below)
  2. If we are interested in hosting your residency, we will follow up with consultation calls to discuss your proposal and refine the goals, content, curriculum, time-period, and compensation identified. This will help us define a mutually agreeable plan for the residency.
  3. If accepted, we will send you a residency agreement clearly specifying the terms of this residency project. You will need to sign or reject this agreement to proceed.
  4. Preparatory reading/ dialogue for the residency begins, followed by the actual residency.

Initial Proposal Template

Please submit your proposal to Timothy DenHerder-Thomas at If online access is a barrier, contact us at (651) 300-4360 and we’ll let you know where to mail a proposal.

In your initial proposal, please include:

Name of Primary Contact:

Briefly describe your background and experience, including what community you are from/ live in, educational, work, and/or volunteering experience, and personal values or visions that shape who you are. (100-250 words)

For Teams, fill out this section for each additional team member:

Team member Name:

Briefly describe your background and experience, including what community you are from/ live in, educational, work, and/or volunteering experience, and personal values or visions that shape who you are. (250 words max)

Purpose/ Objective: (500 words max)
Why are you seeking to participate in this residency? How do you hope it will empower you to transform yourself and the world? What do you plan to do after the residency that is prompting you to seek this opportunity? What impact/ accomplishment are you seeking to create by participating in this residency? If there is a specific venture you are seeking to launch with the skills you gain, identify it.

Desired Learning Outcomes: (bullet list 3-20 items; approximately 10-20 words each)
Define the abilities, understandings, and attitudes/motivations you hope to gain through this residency. Please focus on those learning outcomes you feel that you need to GAIN, not those you already have. Please be as detailed as possible within your knowledge. For example:

  • If your objective is to launch a local composting business, but you have no idea how to go about this, you might define as a learning outcome “understand the steps required to launch a local composting businesses and the skills required” and “be able to perform the steps required to build that businesses.”
  • If you already have an idea of the steps required and already have some of the skills, you might list other things you feel you are missing such as “understand how to generate neighborhood interest around composting”, “be able to navigate the process of acquiring land for a composting facility.”
  • Your learning objectives could also be really broad or abstract if that is what you are looking for such as “develop an awareness of the role of economic justice in the transition to a sustainable future” or “understand the role of participatory and networked organizing patterns in catalyzing community involvement”.

Feel free to list up to 20 learning outcomes, but specify a single outcome for each bullet. Frame them in terms of finishing the sentence “By the end of my residency …

  • I will understand …
  • I will be able to  …
  • I will be aware of/ attuned to …
  • I will feel …/ I will act with … [attitude, quality, motivation]

We may not be able to fulfill all of your desired learning outcomes – you defining them will allow us to identify how good a fit we are for your goals and clearly define what we can offer you. Listing more or fewer learning outcomes is not better or worse and will not make you more likely to be considered. Clarity and connection of your learning outcomes to your goals are the key factors.

Desired Activities: (250-500 words)
Please identify activities from the curriculum that you are particularly drawn towards/ feel like they would be the most valuable for you. The list of activities ultimately included in your residency may change during the consultation process or even during the residency based on your needs and current experience, but it helps us get a good sense of the mix of training, reflection/dialogue, theoretical education, practice, and planning for future work that you are looking for and on what topics.

Desired time period:

How long of a residency (how many weeks) you would like to do just based on your availability (if cost were not a concern)?

What time commitment could you make during the residency (20 hours? More?). What conflicts or other activities would be going on during this period?

When would you ideally participate in this residency between late September 2012 and early June 2013? When you would be available, even if it is not your ideal time?

If there are specific times of day and days of week that you would be available during the residency, what are they?

What is your availability and preferred format (in-person if local, phone, Skype, emails, etc.) for consultations and preparatory work?

Resources and Logistics:

During your residency, do you need us to provide housing for you in the range of $200-$350/person/ month? If you live nearby and can easily get to 3100 Longfellow Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55407 on a regular basis during the period of your residency or have otherwise covered your housing, just say “not needed”.

Do you have the plan to cover the cost of the residency primarily by paying in cash? If not, please define how you propose to provide compensation by any combination of the following:

  • Do you plan to secure any outside source of funding and need support with that?
  • Do you want to work on a local project related to your residency to cover your costs? Describe what type of project you would be interested in working on – feel free to review the current list of projects/ needs.
  • Offering equity, considering your residency costs as a loan, or committing to providing future contributions based on a venture you seek to launch. Our consultation will need to establish a sense of your seriousness in developing this venture.
  • By requesting a fellowship based on financial need and for work that promotes economic access to the green economy.
  • Seeking a paid internship – see here for list of current options

Experience: (250-600 words)
Describe your experience, if any, in community organizing, venture development, or sustainability/ social justice work in the past. Lack of experience will not count against you, it just helps identify what stage you are at.

Teamwork (for teams): (250-600 words, please ensure all team-mates are included)
If you are working in a team, describe how you have worked together in the past and how you relate to each other. What works well? What doesn’t?

Things to Avoid: (100-400 words)
If there is anything you are specifically NOT looking for or would want to see this residency avoid, please share.

Further Thoughts: (optional)
If you have any further concerns or reflections, please share here.