Detroit, MI Local Initiative

Hope for GREEN, a Local Initiative in Detroit NE

Our Location

Detroit’s Northern Eastside district has the smallest population in the city of Detroit housing just a little over 97,000 people. Our neighborhood is facing big challenges around inadequate waste removal, toxic air, public health impacts, lack of green space, and not enough jobs. Surrounded by negativity, the HOPE for GREEN- Grass Roots Energy and Environment Network (H4G) hopes to create a positive change to address these problems. The Creator of the Network, Dorthea E. Thomas is personally connected to Northeast Detroit, because she grew up here her entire life. All of the Program Leaders are members of the nonprofit she founded “The Minority Women in Leadership Commission” and are all connected to the city with passion to create healthy communities, educate others, and fight for sustainable jobs.

Our Program

Hope for GREEN – Grass Roots Energy and Environment Network (H4G) seeks to educate and empower young women of color to increase their leadership capabilities in the green economy. This network is fired up and ready to make a difference in the lives of young women of color affected by environmental justice, pollution, and degradation while seeking to educate young women to professionally develop their leadership skills. HOPE for GREEN’s mission is to empower the community by educating young women of color about environmental justice, building a movement to conserve and sustain itself, and build wealth and prosperity to women through training and pushing the green economy for good jobs.

The mission of HOPE for GREEN stands for Having Only Positive Expectations for Grass Roots Energy & Environment Network. We aim to foster an environment for growth, leadership development, and advocacy for environmental and climate justice for young people, women, and communities of color. Our purpose is to help educate our participants about the policies and protocols to help make Detroit a more healthy and sustainable society by developing principles on waste reduction, energy efficiency and conservation, while also educating the community about the effects of climate change and environmental injustice. Our focus is to build awareness and provide leadership development in a community learning setting in Detroit, MI while working on women’s concerns for gender equality in a green economy.

Our Projects

This summer Hope for GREEN will have many community service initiatives that will be apart of their leadership development. One particular focus will be on cleaning and revitalizing a park in our community. The public spaces in our neighborhood are clogged with abandoned trash, making them dangerous for children to play in. Through this project, we will bring in partnerships around recycling, job creation, raising awareness, and uniting green economy partners in the area. We see this park project as a launching off place for a green movement in Northeast Detroit, centered in the needs and experiences of the community members, especially women of color in the community.

Our Program Leaders

Dorthea Thomas, Creator

The HOPE for GREEN movement is a Network created by Civil Rights Activist Dorthea E. Thomas. Dorthea is an Environmental and Climate Justice Youth Ambassador with the NAACP in Michigan and also the Founder of The Minority Women in Leadership Commission, Inc. Over the years, she has developed a strong passion to increase women’s leadership while advocating for jobs, health, justice, conservation, and sustainability in her city. After losing her grandmother to cancer because of environmental pollution impacts, and watching her grandfather lose his job due to the downturn in the economy she knew something had to change. Her mother also struggled her entire life, as single woman of color with children, and like many others in her city, she found it hard to find a job that paid a living wage to take care of a family. Dorthea was not discouraged by her trials but empowered to make a difference. She created a program that would empower the community, increase women’s leadership in sustainable green jobs, and become accountable for the progression of their community as well.

Co- Program Leaders : The Minority Women in Leadership Commission Executive Board

  • Jeannica Forrest, Vice President
  • Meagan Dillard, Mentorship & Community Service
  • Rannie Hunter, Membership
  • Raven Walker, Fundraising
  • Niquita Larker, Public Relations



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