Midwest Support

Grand Aspirations can offer support to individuals and groups in the Midwest working to build a green economy in their communities. Whether you are just getting started or well established, our Midwest Regional Coordinator, Ruby Levine, can connect you to resources and provide one-on-one support for your efforts. Kinds of support available are:

  • facilitation and process assistance (planning meetings, improving group processes, etc)
  • assistance with grant-writing and fundraising
  • business and campaign planning help
  • community organizing support
  • curriculum planning and development and training for trainers on the above topics
  • connections to a variety of organizations and people doing similar work all across the country
Ruby Levine, Midwest Regional Coordinator

Ruby Levine, Midwest Regional Coordinator

The Midwest Regional Coordinator can provide support at many different levels, depending on your needs and interest. This can include an email exchange, a redirection to other resources, a one-time phone call, or a sustained relationship of support.

This support is available to young people and youth organizations in the Midwest working to build a green economy in their communities. To clarify:


  • “Young people” are defined as people roughly ages 14-30
  • “Youth organizations” are organizations led by and serving young people
  • “The Midwest” is defined as Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and the Dakotas.
  • “Green economy” includes work for clean energy and energy efficiency, sustainable food production, alternative transit, green manufacturing, and other active, positive efforts for a sustainable future. This support is prioritized for those who incorporate justice, community, and economic prosperity into their work. Support is not prioritized for anti-fossil fuels work,┬ábut we can point you to organizations that do support that work.
  • “Community” refers to urban, rural, or suburban groups of people, organized by geography or some other affinity.

To access support from the Midwest Regional Coordinator, please contact Ruby at ruby.levine@gmail.com or 802-272-4140.