Detroit 2011

Green Economy Leadership Training

The Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) is a new organizing strategy that puts focus around deployment of community-based green economy solutions while training and empowering individuals on the skills, tools and experience in building, living and working in the green economy. This design facilitates strong relationships within community organizations, residents, active individuals, local businesses and others to establish permanent, regenerative solutions that transition current economic structures into ones that provide equitable, just opportunities within the green economy.

What’s new in 2011
Curriculum & Schedule: 2011
Mission and Vision
State of GELT / Building off 2010
Video: “Green Makeover for Detroit – CNN”

Contact Information

Scott Meloeny
Global Exchange
Green Economy Program Manager
Co-Founder: Green Economy Leadership Training

Brandon Knight
Global Exchange
Green Economy Campaign Manager
Co-Founder: Green Economy Leadership Training