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If you are a resident of Jefferson Westside, take our survey here to contribute ideas for a project this summer.

About the Eugene Program

The Eugene Solutions Team aspires to bridge the gap between ideals and action, and youth and the greater community. By organizing neighbor to neighbor, working together, and learning together, we hope to create strong bonds, realize our potential, and find long term solutions to the many challenges we face today that work for the entire community.

The Eugene Team is in the process of conducting an initial listening project, going door to door to learn about community members’ experiences and desires for creating climate change solutions and community engagement. The team will then work with the community to synthesize these ideas, and explore the community’s strengths that will help bring about change. The Summer of Solutions program will begin with the launching of pilot projects that are based on community needs with interested neighbors and local partners. Program participants will work with community members on these projects, and witness the transformation as our collective vision becomes reality.

The Eugene program will begin on June 28th and run through August 13th. If you are already in Eugene, you can begin building connections in the community as soon as you’re ready (we’re in the process of planning every day until the summer begins).

About Summer of Solutions

Planting TreesAre you looking for a way to help create a better future for the world this summer?

Eugene Summer of Solutions is a seven-week long program that allows students and young adults to start bringing about their vision of a sustainable, livable, and just future. As a team, we work together in a specific neighborhood to connect community members with one another, and to the resources they need they need to create a just, thriving world.

Apply to be a Summer of Solutions participant
(in Eugene or in 15 other places across the country)

Participants will…

  • Be trained in comprehensive grassroots solutions-based organizing skills
  • Design and execute programs to begin the process of creating sustainable, livable neighborhoods
  • Work on projects relating to clean energy, efficiency, food, waste, transportation, and community-building
  • Empower the community members to carry the change forward at the end of the summer

Summer of Solutions might be right for you if…

  • You want to start creating solutions as an alternative to the current system instead of just “stopping” the things that are negative in the world
  • You want to create social/environmental change directly instead of feeling disenchanted with asking politicians to create the change for us
  • You want to fix the root problems instead of working on separate surface “issues.”

Yes! I’d like to help support thriving communities

Applying doesn’t commit you to anything. You can apply to express your interest and participate to any degree you’d like.

Full time program participants are eligible for stipends, housing, and food support to cover the cost of living while they take part in the program. The priority deadline for applications is March 14th and the final deadline is April 24th. Apply now!


To reach us, contact:

Tessa Barker