Transformational Organizer Training

We’re inviting you to join us on a journey. This is a personal journey deep into the heart of who we are and who we want to be, a shared journey of discovering our solidarity and collective power as communities and movements, and a societal journey towards a future where all life can thrive.

We’re inviting you to sign up for our second run of our deep-dive series of retreats in the emerging program we’re calling Transformational Organizer Training. As facilitators, we have been exploring and practicing techniques for growing deeply sustainable, intensely collaborative, and game-changing leadership for years. We’ve become increasingly convinced we need to build a program that helps change-makers transform themselves, their communities, and the world.

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Why: In an era of climate chaos, soaring class inequality, rising political gridlock, and a struggling economic system, we as change-makers need to up our game. Together, we must build our own capacity to face the challenges ahead of us with deep creativity, joy, solidarity, and stamina. We must grow a culture of organizing rooted in empowering relationships and deep collaboration, and forge a diverse but shared strategy that will grow our power and impact to the level we need to unfold a future we all can thrive in.

How: Transformational Organizing Training helps us get there together. The program will have many formats of varying depth, including online webinars and activities, 1-2 day workshops, deeper week-long retreats, and series of retreats and activities over a span of months. Participants in deeper-level program activities, along with a growing network of partner organizations, will be trained as trainers to build program capacity over time. The program was piloted in 2015, and we are now working on expanding and replicating it over the next five years.

What: The content of this training is organized around three interrelated sets of skills (personal, interpersonal, and systems transformation) which are detailed in the Learning Goals and Participant Outcomes. The specifics of the next iteration of this training program is detailed in the format section.

Who: This program is designed for organizers and change-makers committed to advancing social, economic, and environmental justice, healing our many communities, and creating a sustainable society where we all can thrive. It’s for those committed to long-term change who are feeling unsatisfied with their current strategy, process, and/or impact and who are seeking to build greater personal, organizational, and movement clarity and capacity. As participants and facilitators, we’re on a journey together. We will create a shared experience of self-discovery, personal empowerment, mutual support, creative response to challenge, and groundedness in self, history, and context. As we go through the process, we’ll find times to pursue our wildest dreams, be real with each other about our struggles, laugh, cry, and become the people we’ve been waiting for.

Hear from one participant in our first series of retreats (2016) about her experience in the program:

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