Commitment we ask for from applicants

Financial Commitment: Our calculated per-person cost for food, housing, meeting space, and training capacity to run this six month program, with a high degree of frugal planning, is $1500. We are offering this training series on a sliding scale of $200-$2,000, and are willing to spread payment on this sliding scale over the six retreats to create access. We will work to secure space, food, materials, and transportation as cost-effectively as possible, and ask that participants identify how they can help secure these logistical needs via securing in-kind space, food, or supplies.

Time Commitment: We ask all participants to commit to attending all six retreats and each evening session. If attending these evenings sessions in person is difficult or impossible due to location, we will identify a remote method of participation. We understand that between the retreats and group sessions this level of time commitment is significant. Participating in this program will mean not doing many other things. In this program, we will work together on assessing where our personal time and energy is best spent to advance our larger goals, so this is a great time to start practicing that by assessing if this program is something that would make sense for you right now.

Reciprocation Commitment: We are putting on this training because we want to help people change their own lives and change the world. We have a huge stake in making this process as effective as possible, and thus ask for your help on the following points:

  • Making the content and process better by giving us focused, thoughtful, specific, and deeply honest feedback about what worked well and what should be changed in the future so we’re learning through this process and making it that much better next time.
  • Providing clarity on the specific impact this has for you. We want more than just to know you had a good time (though we certainly want that too) – we want to know how this program helps you overcome challenges you are facing, uncover potential you didn’t know you had, and equips you to create impact you wouldn’t have otherwise. – We want to know what specific activities, skills, and experiences within this program got you there.
  • Telling the story of this experience. If you find this program to be powerful, we want your story, whether that’s pictures, video, audio, testimonials, or other media that we can use to show our impact.
  • Helping us spread the word by getting other change-makers involved in this process.
  • To the extent of your networks, helping us build our capacity by connecting us with partner organizations, tools, space, sponsors, or funders that can help us grow.
  • If you want, becoming a facilitator. We want to build out a team using this content to equip leaders in their own organizations and in spaces like this one.

Impact Commitments: By participating, we’re expecting you to take responsibility for your own experience and be committed to impact – within yourself, in your relationships with others, and in the ripples you make in the broader world. We can’t tell you what you ought to do with all these skills, though we think we can create some experiences that will help you figure that out, but it’s important to us that you will actively apply and do something with this. During retreats, this commitment means taking responsibility for your own growth and holding yourself to your own highest standards (or even stretching them) and bringing the depth of your insight, passion, and dedication into the group. In between retreats, it means staying attentive to applying skills and practices developed together to daily life, keeping the transformation process alive in your work, and treating this as a practice, not a side activity. Beyond this program, it means you are committed to growing and improving within yourself, becoming ever more effective in how you work with others, and growing your work to get to the world you want to live in. This commitment means you are doing this not just as a fun experience, but to create change. You get to define that change for yourself as you align yourself with your vision, but we expect you to be real serious about it.

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