Facilitator Bios

Our facilitation team is growing, so we will be adding more bios soon!

Current facilitator bios:

Timothy DenHerder-Thomas co-founded Grand Aspirations (www.grandaspirations.org), which supports teams of youth innovators nationwide to create green economic opportunities for themselves and their communities through energy efficiency, green industry, sustainable food, transit access, and clean energy. Timothy graduated from Macalester College, where he helped secure bold carbon neutrality policies and pioneer the Clean Energy Revolving Fund (CERF), which supports self-financing sustainability projects. From there, he launched Cooperative Energy Futures (www.cooperativeenergyfutures.com) and helped form the Our Power campaign (www.mnourpower.org) to expand access to energy efficiency and clean energy in South Minneapolis. In 2011, Timothy helped convene Minneapolis Energy Options (now Community Power, www.communitypowermn.org), a coalition effort that is transforming the City of Minneapolis’s relationship with Xcel Energy and Centerpoint Energy to build a new foundation for greater community and city control over energy decisions.

Helen Forsythe is an organizer and strategist with youth activist in Northfield Mn. As a co-founder of Young Peoples Action Coalition, she engages in action and education with high school youth in an intersectional analysis around root causes and oppression. A beginning cooperative farmer, she also is an organizer and co-founder of Cooperation Northfield for economic, and educational democracy with a racial justice and youth focus. She is currently working on a community wealth building endeavor, designing a compost collection service/worker and community owned cooperative to catalyze a social and environmental justice enterprise with several organizations in Northfield.

Cliff Martin is a co-founder of Cooperation Northfield and Young Peoples Action Coalition. In Cooperation Northfield, he specializes in community wealth building strategies for long term systemic change through cooperative business development in sustainable industries such as food systems and waste streams. Through YPAC Cliff is a popular educator and organizer. He organizes with high school students across the state to mobilize for direct action in solidarity with other causes while building an intersected analysis and real organizing experience. Through these organizations he is involved in cooperative sustainable agriculture endeavors as a worker owner and system designer.

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