The next iteration of this training program will take place in 6 retreats, with a two hour evening session in between each retreat (so a total of 5 evening sessions). The first retreat is 5 days long, with all the following retreats lasting 3 days. We recognize this is a significant time commitment – we believe this consistency and practice is needed for the depth of change we want to support.

Launch Retreat (March 23-27):
This retreat will focus on building a strong community among those participating, allow us to explore and build our capacity for feeling, thinking, and doing, and set the context for the organizing skill set we will build throughout the process.

Communications and Relational Organizing (April 29-May 1):
Crafting a set of skills around story and working together. This retreat will move us from understanding and creating our own personal narrative into how do we articulate it to groups, campaigns, and movements. We will learn and practice concrete skills from public speaking to one on one conversations in organizing.

Team Management/ Team Building and Shared Learning (May 28-30):
Tools and supported practice for meeting and training facilitation, ideation techniques, anti-oppression in education spaces, and popular education. We will also touch on tactics for weaving together partnerships, networks and coalitions to tackle what goes beyond one team.

Understanding our System (June 24-26):
Examining the worlds of politics and economics, and how it relates to labor, our environment, and ourselves. We will practice systems mapping and develop our understanding and language around root causes.

Planning Strategy to Play with that System (August 19-21):
Breaking down the just transition strategy (detailed in the leaves and sun of the visual). Campaign planning, political strategy, and market intervention are some of the core actions we will be practicing.

Building Economic Power and Capacity (September 16-18):
Digging into the nuts and bolts of business development and social entrepreneurship. We will be cultivating our understanding of the economy and how to interact with it in a way that builds power for our movements.

Evening Sessions: These evening sessions, one in between each retreat, will be focused on keeping us all accountable to maintaining the skills and practices that we establish in the retreats. Each one will look different depending on where in the retreat trajectory it falls and what topics we are all wanting to spend more time and energy on. Each one will be 2 hours long, and we will determine the dates for these based on what collectively works in people’s schedules.

Additional Content:
Participants will also read at least 1 book from an identified list on movement context and watch a series of short videos on systems thinking and mapping.

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