Our Learning Goals and Participant Outcomes

Self transformation: “Pick your paradigm and become it”. Creating a foundation for personal analysis and strategy that transforms what we are capable of through:
- Landscape awareness
- Mental flexibility
- Systemic empathy
- Self awareness
- Self ownership and control of our own journey
- Focus and determination

Interpersonal Transformation: “Unite people around shared values, stories, and commitments”.
Relational organizing
- Communication skills
- Facilitation and group participation
- Engaging new people
- Ideation/group genius
- Interpersonal support
- Education and training
- Building Power Through Group

Systems Transformation: “Transforming Systems of Power: Personal, Venture, and Movement”
Foundational pillars
- Having a shared mental model
- Analysis skills to refine models
- Movement building and strategy
- Project Management
Winning strategy:
- Change the story
- Build the new
- Fight the bad
- Move the resources
- Change the rules

For more detail, please view: http://bit.ly/1A2gO9y

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