TOT: Learning Style

As facilitators, we believe in popular education. If you haven’t heard of this, you might want to check out Paolo Friere’s pedagogy of the oppressed (it’s a book and an education philosophy). But really, you don’t need to take his word for it, just think back to your own experiences learning and think about the contrast between all that dull, un-engaging stuff of people trying to download stuff out of their heads into yours and the moments when you felt engaged, on a growing edge of your abilities, and fascinated by the revelations you were discovering. Or have some conversations about it with some friends.

Some popular education (aka pop ed) principles we use include:
- Your experience serves as the foundation of all learning. By sharing it, you teach yourself and others the wisdom we have in ourselves.
- “To know and not to do is not to know” theory must be applied, otherwise we don’t really know what it means. “Praxis” is a big pop ed concept – you learn by doing.
- We generate insight when we are posed problems that challenge us, and have to figure them out together.
- All information is positional and should be viewed in the context and worldview in which it is embedded. This does not mean there is no truth, just that pretty much any representation of truth is looking at a real thing from one perspective.
- Knowledge is power. We can contest the future of systems when we understand them.
This list of principles is not complete. Feel free to add your own.

Pop ed doesn’t mean that we won’t share any original and thought-provoking content – we definitely will! It just means that you will too. Be ready to be a part of it!

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