Yochanan Zakai

Yochanan Zakai is a student pursuing a career in energy law.

Prior to law school, he was the Corporate Responsibility Coordinator for Green America, the national green business network, expanding the market for fair trade products and pressuring businesses to adopting forward thinking policies on climate change.

While an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment, Yochanan founded a business partnership called Brewing Hope with coffee farmers in Mexico.


Working with students, faculty and businesses interested in promoting the fair trade system, Yochanan set up a program that not only sold coffee, but also created a relationships between coffee growers and latte drinkers.

Brewing Hope’s student delegations visit Mexico to learn about coffee production and meet with indigenous communities while farmers travel to speak at educational events in the Midwest.

Yochanan enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest for its wonderful outdoors opportunities.