What GA Provides

Grand Aspirations networks local Solutionary projects, including Summer of Solutions:

  • Recruiting young people around the country to lead SoS programs
  • Facilitating “Confluence calls”- conference calls for leaders to share ideas, challenges and build a national sense of community
  • Hosting a yearly January Gathering for program planners and other GA leaders to be trained and develop their summer programs
  • Running a centralized application process for SoS participants and supporting leaders to build dynamic teams
  • Publicizing Summer of Solutions nationally to reach a broad pool of participants
  • Connecting leaders with regional and national partner organizations and supporting them in building local partnerships.

Grand Aspirations provides one on one support for Summer of Solutions leaders:

  • Coaching local leaders to help with project and program development and navigate the planning process
  • Providing emerging leaders with the specific resources they need to develop their local projects and programs

Grand Aspirations provides training and resources for personal development:

  • Supporting the long-term growth and success of our leaders
  • Working with leaders to ensure their personal needs are being met and they are reaching personal development goals
  • Guiding leaders through setting personal goals and making action plans to reach them
  • Providing training and leadership development with a focus on personal and collective transformation

Grand Aspirations is a hub of resources and expertise for the youth climate, environmental and social justice movements:

  • Generating training materials and guides for youth leaders to use in their programs and their communities
  • The “Solutionary Knowledge Bank” is a hub for sustainable community organizers to learn from the experiences of Grand Aspirations leaders and research in the field
  • Hosting a National Gathering in August each year for youth leaders to learn, reflect on their work and be inspired to further action
  • Provides media support and coordinated media tools for local teams to use

Grand Aspirations generates financial resources to support the work of youth leaders:

  • Applying for and securing national grants to fund the work of Summer of Solutions and other initiatives
  • Counseling local Solutionaries on grant applications, grassroots fundraising, developing effective fee-for-service projects and other methods of resource generation
  • Providing fiscal agency and financial management for local programs