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please check back regularly as details will change to best maximize individual and community empowerment*

VISION:  The Highland Park Green Community Program will will focus on residential infrastructure restoration.  The Program will consist of three main driving principals; individual and community empowerment, environmental and social justice and renewable energy infrastructure.  We will be purchasing two residential properties within the Highland Park Community, renovate them with green principals to create sustainable residential models.  The restoration will be accomplished in methods that will empower youth with trainings in green building, personal and team development and provide marketable, tangible skills that will be used to drive the workforce in a clean energy economy.  Trainings will adhere to the applied learning technique as participants will be educated on green building skills and techniques that will be implemented later in the day as they renovate the residential structures.  Local, certified green builders will work with community and organizational leaders to facilitate the trainings throughout the program.  Participants will also gain knowledge and experience in areas of environmental and social justice, climate and energy solutions, community and urban gardens, sustainable transportation and inherit lasting, personal relationships.  The program will look to engage all interested local, regional and national parties that share values, visions and embrace community empowerment as the driving force of sustainable change.


+The Program will educate, train and empower a diverse youth base 
+Rebuild and Restore 2 residential properties guided by green, sustainable techniques
+Create long term community engagement that is built upon, knowledge, skills and sharing
+Work with local Organizations to help build or maintain community gardens with Highland Park
+Equip youth will tangible, skills to prepare them to drive the green job workforce
+Build model infrastructure template that can be replicated and designed to specific location


  • Summer Youth Training begins June 1st and runs through August 8th (9 weeks)
  • There will be multiple levels of participation
    • Full Time (30+hrs a week) will possible stipends (please email or call to find info for this)
    • Interns or Fellows (at least 15 hours a week and/or academic/organizational accredidation)
    • Volunteer (any amount of time or help)

*all participants will have the option of having housing, food, and transportation provided if needed*
* Schedules (day-to-day during the program) will be provided to participants

  • System Tracks (Education and Trainings) on environmental and social justice, climate and energy solutions, community and urban gardens, sustainable transportation, sustained living and mental well-being, solutions to oppression will be provided throughout the program (1 week for each "track", not necessarily in consecutive days)
  • System tracks to be facilitated by local organizations and community leaders(possible national guest facilitators)
  • Community Celebration and "Culture Days" will happen periodically throughout programUSSF June 22-26
    • Picnic with Panel on Community Ecology and Economy
    • Opportunity to connect the local story nationally
    • Bus Tours of community programs within Detroit
  • Pot Lucks, art/music design, mental well-being(yoga, meditation, etc) and other concepts to be incorporated into schedule


  • Youth Training begins: June 1              
  • USSF: June 22-26
  • Energy Independence Day: July 4
  • Youth Training ends: August 8


Grand Aspirations empowers, connects, and supports youth leaders as they create innovative, self-sustaining, and inter-dependent initiatives that systemically integrate climate and energy solutions, economic security, and social justice.
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